July 06, 2023

Doha’s Music Scene - The Top Five Spots For Live Performances

Like most capital cities around the world, Doha has a thriving live music scene. The city sways to every genre of music, from classical to jazz, pop to rock and funk to soul. Doha's entertainment offering also incorporates every type of performance, from concerts and gigs with bands, musicians and singers, orchestras, musical productions and operas to cultural music events. And across the city, there are theatres, amphitheatres, stadiums, arenas, auditoriums, a national convention centre and even a library, as well as a host of outdoor venues, all offering live musical performances. Surprisingly, even some of Qatar's many malls are set up to accommodate live music events - the Mall of Qatar has a 360-degree revolving stage at its heart and an in-house performance troupe just for that type of event. However, if you want to see live bands, singers, DJs and musicians, and a greater diversity of musical acts more regularly, you'll need to visit Doha's hotel bars, restaurants and nightclubs - and there is an absolute array of venues to choose from. So, to save you trawling the web to find somewhere to get your musical fix, we have put together a list of our favourite hotels to catch live bands and a host of other musical performers…

Doha’s Top Five Spots For Live Music

The Shamrock Tavern

Image: Facebook.com/shamrockdoha/

One of the top places to check out if you're after some live music is the Shamrock Tavern located in the Magnum Hotel and Suites in West Bay; this place rocks every night of the week. A multitude of live bands, including numerous favourite local groups, grace the stage across the week, interspersed by open mic nights, pub quizzes, screenings of international sporting events, ladies' nights, happy hours and a host of food and beverage offers, including curry nights, grill nights and weekend roasts. The venue itself is based on a traditional Irish pub with decor and atmosphere to match; it's relaxed, comfortable and friendly, and, as many Irish bars are, very lively, with dancing and singing along to the bands' melodious harmonies actively encouraged. For a casual evening with great live music and a fun, lighthearted ambience, The Shamrock Tavern should definitely be top of your list.

Opening Hours:

12 pm - 12 am, Sunday to Monday


Magnum Hotel & Suites, Building 5, Diplomatic Street, West Bay, Doha

Contact Details:

Tel: +974 3366 1162 / 4445 1555

Web: https://magnumdoha.com/shamrock-tavern

Facebook: @shamrockdoha

Instagram: @shamrockdoha

Krossroads Club

Image: Facebook.com/krossroadsqatar/

The Krossroads Club at the Best Western Doha hotel in Old Salata is another of Doha's buzzing, no-frills live music venues. With music from the resident band and in-house DJ every night, and regular performances from other local groups and musicians, the crowd at Krossroads is always moving and swaying. Decked out like a traditional pub/nightclub with a large stage, obligatory disco balls, plenty of room for sitting or, more often than not, dancing, a pool room and numerous screens to watch the footie, the venue is casual, comfortable, vibrant and, most importantly, convivial. Bar food is available, serving standard fare but leaning towards Asian and Indian flavours and dishes. If you want to get on your feet and dance the night away with an enthusiastic crowd and fun live music without breaking the bank, then the Krossroads is the place to be.

Opening Hours:

5 pm - 2 am, Sunday to Monday


Best Western Doha, Al Safliya Street, Old Salata, Doha

Contact Details:

Tel/WhatsApp: +974 6646 2928

Web: https://krossroadsclub.business.site

Facebook: @krossroadsclub

Instagram: @krossroadsclub

SenorRitas Tex Mex

Image: SeñorRitas Tex Mex

SenorRitas Tex Mex is Qatar's largest and newest Mexican restaurant and bar and is located in the Cielo Hotel in Lusail, the country's brand new, modern, sustainable city. Opened in March 2022, this venue is bright, bold and full of Mexican colours, patterns, knick-knacks and trinkets, and is quickly garnering a following as a top spot for listening to live bands. Not only do some of Doha's favourite local bands play at SenorRitas, but the resident band and DJ get the party going nearly every night of the week with Latin flavoured tunes. Alongside the salsa, samba, merengue and rumba melodies, an authentic Mexican menu is offered to guests, with taco, burrito and fajitas nights as firm favourites. For an evening of fun in a vibrant, Latin inspired atmosphere, with music to make you tap your feet and sway your hips, this is the venue of choice.

Opening Hours:

12:30 pm - 2 am, Monday to Sunday


Cielo Hotel, Al Tarfa Service Street, Lusail

Contact Details:

Tel/WhatsApp: +974 3366 1176

Web: http://senorritas.qa

Instagram: @senorritas.qa

Sky View

Image: Facebook.com/SkyViewDoha/

As far as rooftop venues go, the Sky View bar and restaurant at La Cigale hotel is one of Doha's best. Not only does this venue have awe-inspiring panoramic views across the city, but its decor is equally as breathtaking. The interior, split over two levels, is made up of polished wooden slats that flow, undulating, from the ground to the ceiling around the entire space, leaving vast open archways that lead onto the 11th-floor terrace. It is a little like entering the inside of a tree, albeit a very sleek and sumptuous one! The interiors and views make a spectacular backdrop for the venue's live entertainment. Bands, singers, DJs and musicians perform across the week, bringing energy and vibrancy to one of Doha's hippest and most glamorous live music spots. Guests can listen and dance to music across the genres, from rock to pop, and regular themed nights such as Cuban and Reggae are firm favourites. If you plan to visit the bar, make sure you dress to impress, as Sky View is definitely the place to be seen as well as to catch some live tunes. Plus, you'll need to call ahead to reserve a table. If you feel a little peckish while there, the bar serves some very trendy light bites and sushi dishes.

Opening Hours:

5 pm - 12:30 am, Monday to Saturday

Closed on Sunday


La Cigale Hotel, 60 Suhaim Bin Hamad Street, Fereej Bin Mahmoud, Doha

Contact Details:

Tel: +974 4428 8204

Email: [email protected]

Web: www.lacigalehotel.com

Facebook: @SkyViewDoha

Instagram: @skyviewdoha

Trader Vics

Image: Instagram.com/tradervicsdoha/

From rooftops to the beach and from new to old, Trader Vics sits alongside the ocean at the Hilton Doha and is one of the city's well-established live music venues. Separated from the main hotel, the venue sits like a beachside cabana overlooking clear blue seas, with a terrace that leads down to golden sand along the shoreline. It is the perfect location for a Southern Pacific themed restaurant where guests can sample Asian-Polynesian fusion dishes, surrounded by bright, bold tropical decor and listening to Latin beats. The easy-going, lighthearted music from the in-house band, played every night of the week, is so rhythmic it never fails to get guests out of their seats and onto the dance floor. If you want to feel like you are on an exotic vacation, head down to Trader Vics for some sun, sea, sand, signature cocktails, sublime food and sassy, uplifting music that revitalises the soul.

Opening Hours:

12 pm - 12 am, Monday to Sunday


Hilton Doha, Diplomatic District Street, West Bay, Doha

Contact Details:

Tel: +974 4423 3222

WhatsApp: +974 3006 8272

Email: [email protected]

Web: http://www.tradervicsdoha.com

Facebook: @tradervicsdoha

Instagram: @tradervocsdoha

Main image: SydaProductions/Shutterstock.com

Published: June 15, 2022
Last updated: July 06, 2023
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