July 06, 2023

Side Splitting Stand-Up Comedy Nights in Doha

Is there anything better than having a full-throttle belly laugh or laughing until you cry? In our opinion, it is one of the happy bonuses of being a human. Laughter makes you feel good. Indeed, when we laugh, our brain rewards us with a shot of dopamine, a chemical responsible for making us feel good. And, since we're talking science, laughter and feeling good is proven to improve mental health, reduce stress and lower blood pressure, amongst other things. So, when they say "laughter is the best medicine", they aren't joking. Pardon the pun!


One of the best ways to enjoy a barrel full of belly laughs is to watch stand-up comedians at work. These observers of life, in all its mundane, repetitive and sometimes maddening or heartbreaking detail, can find the lighter side to almost every scenario, from annoyances in marriage, horrible bosses, and the trials and tribulations of family life to humdrum activities like going to the supermarket, even illness and death. They approach the absurdities of life with such frank honesty and humour that even the most awkward topics become relatable and amusing on some level. In short, it helps us see human experiences from a different perspective - a funny one!

Fortunately, Doha has a thriving comedy scene ready to give its residents a fix of hilarity as and when needed. Though Qataris enjoy a good laugh and are noted to have a great sense of humour, stand-up comedy is relatively new to the country. However, over the last decade or so, its popularity has soared. From humble beginnings, Doha has expanded its comedic offering, which now includes homegrown talent, a raft of resident humorists, and a fairly regular supply of international and well-known comedians. In fact, Doha has recently hosted an array of famous comic faces, including South African comedian Trevor Noah, British-Iranian funny man Omid Djalili, American-born comic Gabriel Inglesias, Lebanese-American stand-up Nemr, Egyptian-American gagster Ahmad Ahmad, and Indian funny guy Harsh Gujral. 

So, with so many good vibes going on, where can you catch a spot of stand-up in the city?

Stand Up in Doha

There is no specific comedy club in Doha to rock up to when you need a giggle. Instead, the city has a variety of performers that regularly operate out of a host of different venues. Plus, many venues bring comedians to Qatar as part of their entertainment offerings. So, the best way to find a stand-up evening is to check out the following:

Stand Up Comedy Qatar (SUCQ)

Image: Facebook - SUCQ

SUC Qatar is a troupe of comedians that entertain the masses across Doha and have been doing so since the group was established in 2010 by comic Bilal Randeree (stage name Halal Bilal) and Saad Khan. Alongside their fellow comedians, Bilal and Khan organise regular stand-up comedy evenings, longer-running shows, improv nights, open mic nights, comedy workshops and comedy festivals. And, when they aren't advertising and supporting SUCQ, the group actively promotes local comedians in their comic endeavours through their various social media pages. 

The group's base is in Education City, the country's university district. So it follows that many of their performances are in and around the city in student centres and theatres. However, they perform as a troupe and as individuals in various theatres, centres, halls, hotels, bars, restaurants and other venues across Doha. Currently, the group works in partnership with Jam Box Productions, who host regular events with SUCQ at their studios in Al Saad, near Hamad Hospital (handy for when you split your sides laughing!).

The troupe comprises numerous performers, some of whom come and go. Still, the mainstay cast includes Bilal and Khan, Abdul Rahman, Mohammed Ayman, Miriam Salim, Subeer Josh, Mohammed Khateeb and Nawaal Akram (who is also a disability rights activist, model and athlete). Also, look out for Hamad Al Amari, a Qatari funny-guy who was also the official comic at the recent FIFA 2022 World Cup Fan Fest.

To find out what's on, who's on and when, check SUCQ's Instagram @sucqatar, their Facebook page @SUCQatar, or contact them at +974 3370 3012.

Events Websites

Also, check out the events pages at QL Events (shameless self-promotion, we know!). We offer an extensive guide and listings of Qatar's best events and activities. We're also on Instagram @qlevents.qa and Facebook @QLEvents.

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Published: June 07, 2023
Last updated: July 06, 2023
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