October 30, 2023

Magnificent Mexican Meals in Doha

Mexican food is full of interesting, tongue-tingling spice combinations, distinctive bold flavours, and brilliant, vibrant colours, making it an exceptionally popular cuisine around the globe, taste wise and visually – after all, we eat with our eyes in the first instance. Plus, Mexican food is generally quite healthy (if you avoid the fried elements and those liberally covered in cheese), easy to prepare and cook, making it a great food for on-the-go-dishes, and filling, especially the burritos. And Mexican eateries are often as vibrant as their food - buzzing, social places, full of life, music and bright colours, making them fun and entertaining places to spend a little time in. 

Doha has plenty of options for eating out Mexican style, but before we get to the nitty-gritty of where to visit, let’s take a minute to check out Mexican food in more detail:

Mexican Food

Mexican food, aside from the bold, spicy flavours and colourful presentation, is full of fresh ingredients, especially avocados, tomatoes, chilies and corn, and staples such as corn (presented as tortillas, tamales, tacos, etc), beans and rice, pork, chicken, beef and seafood. Simple ingredients brought to life with spices and salsas and sauces, such as mole (toasted and blended chiles, nuts, seeds, spices and chocolate) and adobo (a mixture of chillies, spices and vinegar). 

Mexican food is a blend of flavours and cuisines from different ages throughout history, from indigenous ingredients and recipes to those brought to Mexico by the conquistadores, colonists and immigrants. Chili, squash, beans and corn were joined by rice, olive oil, garlic, spices, a wider variety of fruit and veg, domesticated animals (pigs, sheep, chickens, cows and goats) to create the blend of flavours and dishes we all know and love today.

Today, chili, beans and corn continue as Mexican staples, corn is most often seen as tortillas (round corn flatbreads) filled with cheese, beans, meat, vegetables, as well as tamales (steamed corn dough) and empanadas. And the most popular dishes, tacos, chilaquiles, menudo, burritos, tamales, quesadillas, enchiladas, Chile en Nogada, fajitas and pozole, alongside side dishes of guacamole, mole, salsa and Pico de Gallo.

Whether you’ve tried any or many of Mexico’s favourite plates, Doha’s Mexican restaurants offer up a vast array of authentic dishes that will have you shouting Viva Mexico before you know it – try out favourites on your foodie journey:

Doha’s Best Three Mexican Restaurants

There are numerous places to chow down on some Mexican grub in Doha, from fine dining restaurants to street food kiosks. However, while all of Doha’s Mexican eateries offer colourful, freshly cooked and flavourful fare, the following three are our absolute favourites:

Isla Mexican Kitchen Qatar

Image: Facebook

Isla Mexican Kitchen is located on Porto Arabia, overlooking the Marina and the Arabesque, sky-scrapping residential towers that ring Porto Arabia’s boulevard. The restaurant is a beautiful place to eat – warm wooden floors, cantina style wooden furniture and decorated in a riot of colours, with bright coloured murals, depicting ‘la dia del muerto’ covering walls from floor to ceiling, which is also draped with rainbow bunting. The venue also serves beautiful, vibrant, fresh dishes from a comprehensive menu of popular Mexican dishes – nachos, guacamole, quesadilla, empanadas, tacos, fajitas, burritos and enchiladas, as well as a host of mouth-watering speciality dishes – Desde El Mar (grilled seafood with Mexican rice), Chimichanga de Deshebrada (fried burrito stuffed with beef deshebrada and frijoles charro and topped with a cheese sauce) and Frijoles con Veneno (frijoles charro with grilled beef in a chili sauce).

Our all-time favourites from the menu include any of the tacos, served open on wooden boards with the colourful ingredients on display they are a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds; the mighty Beef Burrito, filled with beef, Mexican rice, salad, guacamole, cheese, sour cream and Pico de Gallo it’s a filling and satisfying dish, and the Shrimp Fajita, an unbelievably good dish of marinated sizzling shrimp on a bed of onions and peppers!

So, if you fancy some wholesome, home cooked Mexican food, you can check out Isla via the details below. Plus, if you dine out at Isla on a Thursday and Friday evening, you will be treated to live Latin American style music while you eat…and if the music gets you in the mood for a sing-along, the restaurant also houses a karaoke room on the second floor!

Location: La Croisette, 2 Marina Way, Porto Arabia, The Pearl, Doha

(nearest Metro, Legtaifiya on the Red Line)

Opening Hours:              Sunday to Saturday, 12 pm – 12 am

Contact: +974 4409 5285

Instagram: @isla_qatar

Facebook: @IslaQatar

SenorRitas Tex Mex

Image: QL

SenorRitas Tex Mex is Doha’s largest Mexican restaurant and bar, located in the Cielo Hotel in Lusail, Qatar’s new, modern and sustainable city. The venue is bright, bold and full of Mexican colours, patterns, knick-knacks and trinkets, with a distinct underground party vibe. Indeed, alongside a host of big screens for watching sports, a well-stocked bar, a stage and a mini dance floor, guests are treated to live music (performed by numerous local bands) and DJ spun records, with a distinctly Latin flavour, nearly every night of the week. If the décor, music and lively ambience at SenorRitas don’t win you over, their food certainly will! A host of authentic Mexican dishes adorn the menu from street food to famous plates, including tortillas, nachos, quesadilla, tacos, burritos, enchiladas and the hot, sizzling fajita platters. 

While we could order and be happy with every dish on the menu, our top tastes would have to include the Chef’s Taco Salad (a crispy taco bowl filled with chicken, beef, prawns or veg and topped with beans, guacamole, sour cream, cheese and fresh and spicy Pico de Gallo), the Taquitos (a tower of fried tortillas filled with chicken, onions and peppers), and the Short BBQ Ribs – finger-licking good!! And, worth a mention, we also love the diner’s special taco, burrito and fajitas nights – tasty and value for money.

For an evening of fun in a vibrant, Latin inspired atmosphere, with excellent food and music to make your feet tap and your hips sway, this is the venue of choice. Plus, if you love to dance, visit the restaurant on a Tuesday evening for a special Latin music and dance party!

Location: Cielo Hotel, Al Tarfa Service Street, Lusail

(nearest Tram, Lusail Central on the Orange Line)

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 5 pm – 2 am

Contact: +974 3399 1150 / 3377 5541

Website: http://senorritas.qa

Instagram: @senorritas.qa

Facebook: @senorritas.qa

Viva Mexico Qatar


Viva Mexico Qatar is in The Pearl’s Qanat Quartier, with a patio that opens on to the quarter’s unique Venice-style, pastel-coloured low-rise buildings, meandering canals, and pedestrian-friendly promenades, giving diners some outstanding views while they eat. However, views aside, the restaurant itself is a charming Mexican village style eatery, decorated in more muted reds, greens, yellows and browns than some of Doha’s other, more festive diners. Though less vibrant to look at, this is one of the city’s most relaxed Mexican restaurants, with an authentic, sociable atmosphere and an extensive menu of homemade dishes. Indeed, the menu is packed with dishes offering fresh, vibrant ingredients, cooked traditionally with distinctive Mexican flavours, such as taquitos, tacos, fajitas, chimichangas, nachos, quesadillas, enchiladas and burritos. The menu also entices with their signature offerings of Mexican Molcajetes (a hearty dish of meats, chorizo, veggies and spices served in a stone bowl), Tamales (corn dough filled with meats, beans, rice and cheese), Beef Tampiqueña (grilled steak) and Lamb Barbacoa (slow cooked lamb).

While we love, love, love everything on Viva’s menu, especially the red and green enchiladas, we always order a dessert, whatever mains we plump for. The Cajeta Churros (caramelised milk churros) are the best churros in town and the Tres Leche Cake is a little piece of heaven on a plate! That said, Viva’s breakfasts (served everyday 8 am – 12 pm) are not to be missed – Huevos Ranchos, Sunrise Burrito and Chilaquiles every day of the week!

For authentic cuisine in calm, comfortable and beautiful surroundings, Viva Mexico is a great choice for Mexican food morning to night!

Location: Unit 150A Qanat Quartier, The Pearl, Doha

(nearest Metro, Legtaifiya on the Red Line)

Opening Hours: Sunday to Saturday, 8 am – 12 am

Contact: +974 4444 9920

Website: https://vivamexicoqatar.com

Instagram: @vivamexicoqatar

Facebook: @vivamexicoqatar

Main image: Amigosfood

Published: October 30, 2023
Last updated: October 30, 2023
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