November 03, 2023

Lego Education - Robotics Clubs for Kids in Qatar

Who doesn’t love Lego? From kids to adults, building Lego models brings people worldwide joy. Plus, building Lego has heaps of benefits, especially for kids – developing their ability to follow instructions, boosting their problem-solving skills and creativity, fine-tuning their fine motor skills and dexterity, and increasing their ability to focus and concentrate. Add some motors, sensors, a programmable hub and a coding platform into the equation, as Lego have with their programmable robot kits, and you boost those benefits ten-fold and increase a child’s understanding of concepts relating to science, computing, engineering and mathematics – increasingly important for kids to learn in terms of careers. No wonder it’s a popular addition to the STEM agenda!

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is a popular and fast-growing industry in educational development. Introducing kids to STEM at a young age is known to support their overall academic progression, help to develop their problem-solving, critical thinking and reasoning skills, and prepare them for daily life in an increasingly technological world.

Lego has been developing and producing programmable Lego brick robots for over twenty years, and as the market has increased for this type of educational toy, so has its accessibility. Today, Lego bots are not just a resource used in limited schools alongside their STEM programmes or by privileged individuals with the financial means; these days, bots and Lego bots are commonly found in Robotics and STEM clubs for kids - accessible extra-curricular classes and courses designed to support learning.

Robotics and STEM clubs are an excellent way to give kids a more in-depth opportunity to investigate robotics and other stimulating science, technology, engineering and mathematics-based activities. Lego Education, using Lego-themed robotics kits incorporating specific aspects of the STEM curriculum, has become a popular vehicle to help kids attending clubs and classes explore higher level subjects. Plus, group learning is excellent for developing social, communication and teamwork skills!

So, where to sign up?

Robotics Clubs in Qatar

Luckily, Qatar has a thriving extra-curricular club scene for kids, one that Lego Education has a presence in. Doha has two fantastic Lego Education establishments – Bricklyn Lego Education and Music and Arts Atelier Lego Lessons. Read on to find out more:

Bricklyn Lego Education

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Bricklyn Lego Education, located at Doha's Tawar Mall, is a science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) based programme designed to develop problem-solving and organisation skills and boost creativity. Using a hands-on solution that uses Lego as a building block for learning, the programme offers creative play and building sessions, Stop-Motion animation classes and Robotics sessions and courses, as well as a host of events, parties and holiday camps.

Robotics classes and courses are designed to enable kids to build Lego robots, vehicles and other programmable structures and programme them to carry out various tasks and activities – teaching, amongst other things, the fundamentals of programming.

Bricklyn uses several Lego Education packages throughout its Robotics sessions, including WeDo (designed for 4–12-year-olds and using intuitive block-based coding), Spike (designed for 6+ years with more independent, complex coding, added storytelling and characterisation of models built), and Mindstorm EV3 (designed for 9-16-year-olds to develop more advanced skills through complex coding and real-life modelling, i.e. robots based on energy conservation technology).

Bricklyn's brightly coloured, cheerful, open work/play space, with appropriate workstations for types and levels of play and projects, with Lego character murals adorning the walls, a giant Lego pit, and a coffee shop make Bricklyn a fun, inspiring and comfortable place to learn, with educators on hand to advise and help kids as required. Drop-in sessions for creative play and robotics projects and Lego Robotics courses are available. Robotics courses (WeDo, Spike and Mindstorm) are between 8 and 24 sessions, depending on the course level entered - certificates are provided on course completion. Prior to joining a Robotics course, all children are assessed (for skills related to building and coding) to ensure that they are entered into a course level that will benefit them the most.

Register your interest in Robotics drop-in sessions and courses and arrange assessments by contacting Bricklyn online or via their What's App number below. Follow Bricklyn's social media for more information and notifications for upcoming events, workshops, clubs and classes.


Location: Divinci Coffee Shop, 2nd Floor Tawar Mall, Al Markhiya Street, Al Duhail South

Class Timings: Sunday to Friday, 4 pm – 10 pm; Saturday, 2 pm – 10 pm

Robotics drop-in sessions and assessments require slot reservations.

Lego courses are based on preferred and available days and time slots to be agreed on enrolment. Lessons are between 45-60 minutes each.

All courses are assigned following a 30-minute assessment.

Costs: Robotics Drop-in Sessions: QAR 75 per hour (second child, QAR 60)

Lego Robotics Courses:

WeDo Robotics Junior Engineering:

Level 1, QAR 400 x 8 sessions / QAR 500 x 14 session and certification

Level 2, QAR 450 x 8 sessions and certification

Level 3, QAR 700 x 16 sessions and certification

Level 4, QAR 1100 x 24 sessions and certification

Lego Spike Essential Engineering, with certification:

Level 1, QAR 400 x 8 sessions

Level 2, QAR 450 x 8 sessions / QAR 650 x 13 sessions

Level 3, QAR 450 x 8 sessions

Level 4, QAR 500 x 10 sessions

Lego Mindstorms EV3, with certification:

QAR 450 x 8 sessions

QAR 750 x 16 sessions

QAR 1200 x 24 sessions

All courses offer a 10% discount for siblings.

Telephone: +974 7449 0992 / 3322 9025

Email: [email protected]


Instagram: @bricklynlego

Facebook: @bricklynlego

Music & Arts Atelier

Image: Music & Arts Atelier

Music & Arts Atelier is a busy school offering a variety of classes in music, dance, arts, fitness, well-being and education. The concept behind the school is to give students the opportunity to learn, grow and hone their talents in a personalised environment, develop critical cognitive skills and contribute to the community. Recognising the need to start the development of skills from an early age, be that in arts, music, dance, fitness, well-being or education, the group offer classes and courses for all ages and skill levels, including kids Lego lessons and Robotics courses.

Lego lessons at Music & Atelier are aimed at younger children, between 3-5 years old and through creative play offer an introduction to early maths, language and social development. However, for older children (6-14 years), Atelier offer a Lego Robotics course. The six-week course utilises the LEGO Education platform Mindstorms and is designed, through a structured, hands-on approach, to guide students through age-appropriate robotics and engineering concepts. Incorporating fun themes and topics (space, games, vehicles, animals, etc.), Atelier aim to spark student interest and engage them to build and create functioning machines, while introducing them to the world of programming and automation and developing their problem solving, teamwork, communication and creative skills. Generally, classes are once or twice a week, in a group session with an instructor, and last 45-60 minutes.

Lego Mindstorms robotics kits are developed to enable kids to independently build, programme and control robots using advanced Lego building parts. Kits include numerous robot model options, a programmable power brick, motors and colour, touch, and infrared sensors, which help the robot move and communicate.

Atelier is a bright, funky and welcoming venue full of talented and experienced instructors and teachers and happily engaged students. It is a great place to send children to learn and enjoy exploring their talents and skills in a fun and friendly environment.

To sign up for classes, register online or contact Music & Arts Atelier via their What’s App number below. Follow Atelier on social media for more information and events news.


Location: The Gate Mall, Maysaloun Street, West Bay, Doha

(nearest Metro, DECC on the Red Line)

Class Timings: Classes are available Sunday to Saturday, with days and timings dependent on availability and class numbers (a minimum of three children are required for each course).

Costs: Robotics Lego:

One Time Session, QAR 100

Six week course of 6 session (one per week), QAR 499

Six week course of 12 lessons (two per week), QAR 799

Telephone: +974 3300 3839

Email: [email protected]


Instagram: @musicandartsatelier

Facebook: @atelierqatar

Main image: Facebook

Published: November 03, 2023
Last updated: November 03, 2023
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