July 06, 2023

Qatar’s Spring Loaded Playgrounds for Active Families

Kids love trampoline parks quite simply because they're fun. For our little balls of energy, these jumping gyms are exactly what they need to burn off some of their seemingly limitless supply of energy. They can hop, skip, jump, leap, spring and flip with almost no limits. They don't need to worry about falling - trampoline parks are designed to be safe; they don't need to simmer down, be quiet or sit still; they're free! Plus, learning the various tricks and skills - flips, rolls, drops and jumps, gives them a sense of accomplishment, and many of the associated activities (dodgeball, basketball, etc.) lend an air of competition that kids thrive under. Socially, it's a great place to hang out with friends or meet new ones. And for parents, it's a great way to get kids to exercise without them even being aware of it - the ultimate exercise in disguise.

However, not just kids can benefit from bouncing; adults can reap just as many mental and physical perks. Trampoline workouts offer an excellent way of keeping fit and improving overall health. It is a vigorous but low-impact aerobic exercise that provides full-body training that helps to boost cardiovascular health and physical fitness, improves balance, coordination and motor skills, and increases muscle strength. Plus, all that jumping and frolicking can improve bone density, strengthen joints, tendons and ligaments, and reduce stress and tension, leading to enhanced moods and better mental health. And as an exercise, it's much more efficient than running and jogging, with ten minutes bouncing equating to 30 minutes of pounding the streets!

So, grab the kids and get jumping to put a smile on everyone's face.

Qatar’s Trampoline Parks

Qatar has a host of trampoline parks based around the capital city, Doha. Each one offers an array of wall-to-wall trampolines, with safety mats and padding all strategically placed, for free jumping activities, and most also provide foam pits and giant airbags for aerial tricks, dodgeball and basketball trampoline courts, and a myriad of other challenges such as climbing walls, velcro walls, ninja obstacle courses, and soft play areas. The following is a run-down of each so you can choose your elevated entertainment!


Image:  j_rq/Shutterstock.com

Bounce, at 3,000 sqm, is one of the largest indoor trampoline parks in the Middle East. The high-energy park has wall-to-wall trampolines and a host of specialist freestyle areas and is a massive playground for kids and adults alike. The free-jumping arena, around fifty interconnected floor and wall trampolines, is perfect for enjoying the simple delight of bouncing from mat to mat or trying easy wall tricks. Other netted-off areas host uproarious team games of dodgeball or football, and a Slam Dunk court, with full-height rings and a spring-loaded platform, for practising air basketball. There is also the Big Bag, a massive inflatable airbag for practising flips and other moves, and the Cliff Jump, a high-dive platform with a giant airbag underneath. Meanwhile, for thrill-seekers, the park offers supercharged performance trampolines, with extra bounce for aerial skills development, and a trampoline/wall court for next-level flips and jumps. The venue also includes an X-Park adventure challenge course, an obstacle course for ninja warriors and parkour fans (trainers required). 

Location: BOUNCE DohaTawar Mall, Al Markhiya Street, Al Duhail South, Doha

Nearest Metro: N/A

Hours: Sunday to Wednesday, 2 pm - 11 pm

Thursday, 2 pm - 12 am

Friday, 10 am - 12 am

Saturday, 10 am - 11 pm

Costs: QAR 100 general admission for 1 hour (excluding the X-Park); QAR 80 junior jumpers under 110 cm tall for 1 hour (all kid’s areas); QAR 120 premium admission for 1 hour (including X-Park); Fees include the cost of a pair of reusable grip socks. 

Contact: +974 4408 6500

Website: https://bounce.qa/

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @bouncemideast


Image: Jumpino/Instagram

Jumpino, Qatar's newest trampoline park, opened in 2022, is one of its largest at just over 2,300 sqm. The park, in Lusail's Place Vendôme Mall, has a huge free-jumping area of interconnected trampolines, which include the usual flip and tricks walls and airbags. However, there is plenty more on offer at this adventure park. Kids and adults can try out their aerial manoeuvres on a 3D wall - a high-performance trampoline surrounded on three sides by padded walls, which can be used to perform flips and twists, practise their slam dunks in basketball courts, play dodgeball, test their climbing skills on bouldering walls, or challenge each other to run the gauntlet on a Ninja Warrior course, with high-level obstacles and airbags to catch anyone who falls. The park also has a multitude of interactive jumping games, including interactive motion-sensing video games projected onto screens above the trampolines and ball pits. The game system captures the user's jumping movement and synchronises it to the cartoon character in the projection - a novel way to mix gaming with exercise.

Location: Jumpino Trampoline ParkPlace Vendôme Mall, Lusail

Nearest Metro: Lusail Metro Station on the Red Line - take the Lusail Tram (Purple Line, then Pink) to Lusail Central adjacent to the mall’s entrance.

Hours: Saturday to Wednesday, 10 am - 10 pm; Thursday and Friday, 10 am - 12 am  (all visitors must wear socks)

Costs: QAR 100 per hour / QAR 180 per two hours (kids and adults)

Contact: +974 4006 0269

Website: https://jumpinotrampoline.com/

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @jumpinoqatar

Jump Qatar

Image: Jump Qatar

Jump Qatar is a 700 sqm trampoline park in Mirqab Mall, offering mini jumpers hours of fun gambling and frolicking across a host of trampolines - individual and wall-to-wall-style. However, the fun doesn't end there! The park also boasts a wall climbing area, with safety matting along its length and a sponge pool at the end for lofty leaps, a foam pit for practising aerial tricks, two slam dunk areas, and a velcro wall. What's a velcro wall? It's a soft wall with velcro strips set alongside a trampoline - perfect for kids dressed in suits with similar velcro strips to launch themselves at to stick to said wall. It's a game everyone should play at least once, with some hilarious results and photo opportunities. The park also has a soft play obstacle course and a timed ninja adventure course for the ultimate challenge.

Location: JUMPMirqab Mall,  Al Jadeed Street, Al Mirqab, Doha

Nearest Metro: Joaan Metro Station on the Gold Line

Hours: Saturday to Thursday, 10 am - 11 pm; Friday, 1 pm - 11 pm

Costs: QAR 60 standard admission for 2 hours / QAR 90 unlimited admission for 2 hours (all visitors must wear socks)

Contact: +974 4447 9313

Website: https://www.jumpqatar.com/

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @jumpqatar


Image: Wonka Playground

Rebound is known as Doha's boutique trampoline park in the elegant, upscale Gate Mall in West Bay. The compact park offers a myriad of interconnected bouncing activities, all alongside a towering glass frontage that looks out onto the capital city below. Wall-to-wall trampolines are interspersed with a giant foam pit for aerial tricks, a climbing wall that allows climbers to leap safely from the wall to a soft cushiony landing, a velcro wall, and slam dunk basketball nets. Some trampolines are provided with vertical legs for flips (and, in some cases, dunking basketballs). Visitors can also try out mini zorbing balls - essentially large transparent inflatable balls you can get inside, allowing you to roll around as if you were in a padded hamster ball. The park has limited capacity and is super popular, so guests are advised to call ahead to guarantee their bouncing action.

Location: ReboundGate Mall, Doha

Nearest Metro: DECC Metro Station on the Red Line

Hours: Saturday to Thursday, 10 am - 11 pm; Friday, 1 pm - 11 pm

Costs: QAR 100 for 1 hour (QAR 20 for socks)

Contact: +974 5037 2142

Instagram: @rebound.qa

Rush Action Park

Image: Rush Qatar/Facebook

Rush Action Park is more than just a trampoline park; it's an interactive action adventure park. There are plenty of trampolines across Rush's 1,000 sqm; small hexagonal and brightly coloured trampettes, bigger interconnected trampolines with foam pits and airbags for flying leaps and tricks, and performance trampolines designed for higher, slower bouncing to help jumpers perfect their aerial moves. The performance trampolines also have built-in video cameras, allowing aerial athletes to view their elevated tricks in action and work to improve their technique. However, visitors are also treated to many other activities at Rush. The park offers a soft play obstacle course, a zipline, indoor football arenas, a ninja obstacle course with an automatically rotating log to test balancing skills, and a chaser wall. The chaser wall is an interactive climbing wall with targets that light up; players must climb and tap to extinguish the targets, as many as possible in a given time, to score points, with battles against other players as the aim of the game.

Location: Rush Action ParkMall of Qatar, Dukhan Highway, Rawdat Al Jahhaniya

Nearest Metro: N/A

Hours: Saturday to Thursday, 10 am - 11 pm; Friday, 1 pm - 11 pm

Costs: QAR 60 standard admission for 2 hours / QAR 90 unlimited admission for 2 hours (all visitors must wear socks)

Contact: +974 4028 5990

Instagram: @rush.qatar

Trampo Extreme

Image: Trampo Qatar

Trampo Extreme is a trampoline adventure park, and while wall-to-wall trampolines with vertical legs for flips, obstacles for jumping over and off of, hoops for slam dunking, and a giant airbag, are in high supply, visitors will also find a raft of other sky-high adventures. A vast foam pit amid the trampolines allows bodacious bouncers to test their balance and strength by challenging one another to a battle on a balance beam, cross over the pit by way of monkey bars or a horizontal but twisting ladder, or jump into the pit from a swing rope. Jumpers can also challenge themselves or others to a game of Dodge Attack. The aim of the game is to bounce, throw a ball and hit a target as many times as possible to score the most points. Or they can try the slackline trapeze to see how far they can jump in a Tarzan-style fashion. The park also offers a clip 'n' climb zone and a three-storey sky trail. The clip' n' climb has various eight-metre high climbing walls, with multi-shaped and sized hand and footholds, and timed-speed climbing walls that use specialised safety harnesses and a patented automatic belay system that won't let the climber fall unchecked. The sky trail is an elevated obstacle course of tight ropes, rope ladders, and zip rails at various levels. It requires safety harnesses and extreme balancing skills - an excellent option for those who like sky-high sports.

Location: Trampo ExtremeAspire Zone, Lehwaila Street, Al Wabb, Doha

Nearest Metro: Al Aziziyah Metro Station on the Gold Line

Hours: Sunday to Wednesday, 1 pm - 10 pm; Thursday and Friday, 1 pm - 11 pm; Saturday, 10 am - 11 pm

Costs: Jumping - QAR 90 (adults) / QAR 80 (juniors*) per hour

Climbing - QAR 50 per 30 minutes

Sky Trail - QAR 60 (adults) / QAR 50 (juniors*) per 30 minutes

All Activities - QAR 200 per two hours

Socks - QAR 5

(*juniors are from 3-5 years)

Contact: +974 4499 8888

Website: www.trampo-qatar.com

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @trampoqatar

So, if you and yours love to burn off energy, prepare to jump, spring and leap to your heart's content at Qatar’s bounciest activity centres.

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Published: May 27, 2023
Last updated: July 06, 2023
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