October 30, 2023

Whirl, Twirl and Sashay at Doha’s Top Latin Dance Classes

Whether you move your body to Salsa, Tango, Samba, Merengue, Bachata, Mambo, Bolero, Rumba or Cha-cha, Latin dancing is so full of passion, energy, foot-tapping rhythm and exuberant flair that makes you want to dance all night long. If you love to have fun on the dance floor or are looking for a chance to explore one of the world’s most inspiring forms of dance, read on – we have the low down on Doha’s best spots for learning Latin dance and for practising those body swaying moves on the dance floor!

Latin Dance

Latin Dances, especially Salsa and Bachata, are fast becoming some of the most sought-after dance classes in the world, and it's easy to see why:

Latin dance originated in Central America, South America and the Caribbean. And though its roots are firmly planted in the indigenous dance traditions of the south and central American continent, its soul has been heavily influenced by the pulsing beats of African music and tradition of full-body dance moves, as well as European culture and rhythmic dance steps. The result is more than a dozen different types of Latin dances but with common rhythms and basic steps - making many of the dance styles relatively easy to learn.

Though generally based on simple steps, Latin dances' full use of the body (as opposed to many more formal dances such as ballet or ballroom) and the fluidity of the moves make the Latin style exceptionally versatile. From the fast-paced Merengue and Salsa to the slower and more intimate Rumba and Bachata, Latin dances are energetic, full of passion and emotion expressed through rhythmic, flowing and often sensual movements, with plenty of hip action, expressive legs and arms, beautiful body lines, and attention to detail – captivating to watch and liberating to dance.

And while Latin dances generally involve a partner, many can be adapted for solo dancers. However, most Latin dance classes and social dance events tend to operate as groups, with partners rotating regularly to ensure everyone can practice as a pair and experience different dance styles, either leading or being led. So, if you hanker to sway and spin to some infectious and upbeat Latin music, it couldn't be easier than turning up and joining in. Besides, Latin dancing is invigorating, extremely good fun, very sociable, great for keeping fit and toned and boosting your self-esteem, and an excellent stress buster!

So why not join the masses across Doha who already trip the light fantastic at some of the city's most loved dance schools?

Latin Dance in Doha

Doha offers numerous Latin Dance schools and classes, but our top three are Bailamos Salsa, Salsa n Candela and Emotion Dancing Academy. While each dance school has its own USP and many virtues, all three are regularly commended by their clients as the best in town. Each offers passionate, professional and experienced instructors, who in turn offer fun, friendly and knowledgeable tutelage in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

With classes in Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Afro Dance, Tango and various workshops for improving technique, each school has plenty of options for budding dancers. Classes are generally offered from complete beginner to advanced level, and each session provides detailed instruction, learning new steps and combinations week on week, which are then put together and practised to music. Clients can progress through the levels as they master the steps.

Not only do Doha’s Latin dance school members love their classes for the informative instruction, the fun atmosphere and the dancing itself, but they also take great pleasure in the sociability of their classes, with most recommending our top three as their ‘dance families’. Many attend classes to learn to dance, but most seem to leave with new friends and social outlets. Indeed, our favourite dance schools also organise Latin Social Nights at various locations around the city, with DJs, music and dancing – the perfect opportunity for members to join a community and practise all they’ve learned.

So, take your pick or try all three; we guarantee you will never look back once you take the plunge and learn to strut your stuff to some Latin vibes.

Bailamos Salsa

Image: Bailamos

Established: 2017

Dance Styles: Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Afro Dance

Bailamos Salsa, one of Doha’s most popular dance schools, offers group adult Latin dance classes in Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba and Afro Dance from beginners to intermediate. The hour-long classes take place in West Bay’s Asas Twin Towers in a large, bright, modern yoga-style studio with mirrored walls and windows for checking and perfecting your dancing techniques.

The dance school also hosts weekly parties at the Irish Harp at the Sheraton Grand (Wednesdays, 9 pm – 1 am) and the Oyster Bay bar at St Regis Doha (Thursdays, 9 – 1 pm) to give clients and would-be Latin dancers a chance to socialise and dance together. Occasionally, the school also offer organised Latin dance boat parties, with a DJ, dancing and delicious bites and snacks – a dance event not to be missed!

To reserve classes, contact Bailamos Salsa via their What’s App number below and follow on social media for more information, party details and special events.



Asas Twin Towers, Diplomatic Street, West Bay, Doha

(nearest Metro, DECC on the Red Line)

Class Timings:


MONDAY: Beginners – 8 pm / Intermediate – 9 pm


SUNDAY and TUESDAY: Beginners – 8 pm / Intermediate – 9 pm


WEDNESDAY: Level 1 – 8 pm / Level 2 – 9 pm

Afro Dance:

FRIDAY: All Levels – 6 pm / Level 1 – 7 pm / Level 2 – 8 pm


Salsa and Bachata: QAR 70 per class or QAR 500 x 12 classes per month*

(*to be finished in the same month)

Kizomba and Afro Dance: QAR 70 per class or QAR 400 x 8 classes

Telephone: +974 7040 4143

Website: https://bailamossalsa.com/

Instagram: @bailamos.salsa.classes

Facebook: @Bailamos.Salsa

Salsa n Candela

Image: Facebook

Established: 2008

Dance Styles: Salsa, Bachata, Heels, Afro Dance, Tango

Salsa n Candela, Qatar’s longest-running Latin dance school, is one of Doha’s favourite haunts for learning Latin grooves. Offering Salsa, Bachata, Afro Dance and Tango classes, as well as ladies Heels classes (a style of dance performed while wearing high-heeled shoes), Salsa n Candela teach from beginners to advanced levels to individuals, couples and groups. Each hour-long class is held at a spacious, contemporary, mirrored dance studio at Music & Arts Atelier in the Gate Mall, West Bay.

While the dance classes offer plenty of opportunities to practise dance steps and routines, the group also hosts several social nights that get the fiesta vibes in full swing and inspire everyone to hit the dance floor and perfect their moves. Currently, Latin Moovz is hosted at La Vista 55 at the Intercontinental The City every Monday evening from 9 pm, and Amigo's is hosted at The House, Dusit Doha Hotel every Friday, also from 9 pm.

To reserve classes, contact Salsa n Candela via their What’s App number below and follow on social media for more information, party details and special events.



The Gate Mall (2nd Floor), Maysaloun Street, West Bay, Doha

(nearest Metro, DECC on the Red Line)

Class Timings:


SUNDAY: Improvers – 8 pm / Intermediates – 8 pm (mixed classes)

TUESDAY: New Joiners 8 pm / Beginners – 9 pm (mixed classes)


SUNDAY: Ladies Styling – 7 pm (ladies only) /

Improvers-Intermediate - 7 pm (mixed class)

TUESDAY: New Joiners-Beginners – 7 pm (mixed class)


MONDAY: All Levels – 8 pm (ladies only)

WEDNESDAY: All Levels – 8 pm (ladies only)

Afro Beats:

MONDAY: All Levels – 7 pm (mixed class)

WEDNESDAY: All Levels – 7 pm (mixed class)


WEDNESDAY: Beginners – 8 pm (mixed class)


QAR 65 per class or QAR 250 x 4 classes per month (1 per week)

Telephone: +974 3300 3839

Website: https://salsancandela.com/

Instagram: @salsancandela

Facebook: @salsancandela

Emotion Dancing Academy

Image: Facebook

Established: 2013

Dance Styles: Salsa, Bachata

Emotion Dancing Academy (formally Yamavito Mambo Qatar) is one of Qatar’s fastest-growing Latin dance schools, teaching adult Salsa (New York, LA and Cuban style) and Bachata classes from new joiners and beginners to intermediate and advanced levels. The school also offer a footwork styling, technique and musicality class for those wishing to improve in specific areas of their dance. The 60-minute sessions are held in the Warrior Fit gym studios at Lagoona Mall.

The dance school also hosts weekly parties at the SenorRitas Tex Mex restaurant in Lusail every Sunday night, with live Latin music, dancing and the option of delicious Mexican food, at TONO restaurant at The Pearl every Tuesday night, and at L’encore Lounge also at The Pearl every Thursday night – great locations and vibes for practising and honing dance skills. Occasionally, the school also offer organised Latin dance pool parties with DJs, dancing, sunshine and pool action – summer parties that should not be ignored!

To reserve classes, contact Emotion Dancing Academy via their What’s App number below and follow on social media for more information, party details and special events.



Warrior Fit, Lagoona Mall, 66 West Bay Lagoon Street, Doha

(nearest Metro, Legtaifiya on the Red Line)

Class Timings:


SATURDAY: New Joiners – 7 pm (New York style) /

Improver – 8 pm (LA style)

SUNDAY: Beginners – 7 pm (Cuban style)

MONDAY: Intermediate/Advanced - 7:30 pm

TUESDAY: Improvers – 7 pm (LA style)

WEDNESDAY: New Joiners – 7:30 pm (New York style)


SUNDAY: New Joiners – 8 pm

MONDAY: Improver - 8:30 pm

WEDNESDAY: New Joiners – 8:30 pm

Footwork Styling, Technique and Musicality:



QAR 65 per class

QAR 240 x 4 classes (valid for two months)

QAR 450 x 8 classes (valid for two months)

Telephone: +974 5554 0533 / 5508 6986

Instagram: @emotiondancingacademy.qa

Main image: Dance Centre

Published: October 30, 2023
Last updated: October 30, 2023
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