November 01, 2023

Jump and Bounce Your Way To Fitness With Trampoline Aerobics

There are so many ways to get fit these days, pulling and lifting weights at gyms, attending dance and fitness classes, bending and stretching at Yoga and Pilates, and burning calories swimming, cycling, running and jogging, etc. Some activities are enjoyable, though some are just hard work, with the enjoyment coming instead from the results – improved stamina and physical fitness and a toned physique. However, if you're looking for fitness training that delivers maximum fun while being super-efficient and improving your physical condition, why not try trampoline aerobics? 

Trampolining is an easy exercise to master, with a steep learning curve to thrilling skills and seemingly daring aerial manoeuvres. And it's an exciting sport to tackle - action-packed and lively, and the feeling of weightlessness and freedom of movement, especially as you upskill, will definitely leave you in high spirits. Aside from being exciting, thrilling and immense amounts of fun, trampolining is also a fantastic form of exercise. It is a vigorous but low-impact aerobic exercise that provides a full-body workout with tonnes of benefits. Bouncing and jumping help boost cardiovascular health and physical fitness, and budding bouncers will also find their balance, coordination and motor skills improve, and muscle strength (back, core, legs, glutes, arms and neck) increases. Less obviously, jolly jumpers will also benefit from improved bone density, strengthened joints, tendons and ligaments, and reduced stress and tension, leading to enhanced moods and better mental health. And, if that were not enough, this type of aerial exercise is also super efficient. Indeed, according to a study by NASA, trampolining is 68% more efficient than running and jogging, with ten minutes bouncing equating to 30 minutes of pounding the streets!

Where to Trampoline in Qatar?

Interested? Well, you’re in luck; Qatar has numerous trampolining parks to get your bounce on. In and around Doha, you can find, Rebound at the Gate Mall in the city centre, Jump Qatar at Mirqab Mall in Al Mirqab, Trampo Extreme in the Aspire Zone, Al Waab, Bounce at Tawar Mall in Al Duhail South, and Jumpino at the Place Vendome Mall in Lusail. All of these venues offer spring-loaded fun on a host of trampolines for free jumping activities, and most also provide foam pits and giant airbags for aerial tricks, dodgeball and basketball trampoline courts, and a myriad of other challenges such as climbing walls, velcro walls, ninja obstacle courses, and soft play areas. But our favourite, for its size and the sheer number of sky-high rebounding activities, is Bounce.


Image: Millennium

Bounce is one of the largest indoor trampoline parks in the Middle East. The high-energy park has wall-to-wall trampolines and a host of specialist freestyle areas and is a massive playground for kids and adults alike. The free-jumping arena, around fifty interconnected floor and wall trampolines, is perfect for enjoying the simple delight of bouncing from mat to mat or trying easy wall tricks. Other netted-off areas host uproarious team games of dodgeball or football, and a Slam Dunk court, with full-height rings and a spring-loaded platform, for practising air basketball. There is also the Big Bag, a massive inflatable airbag for practising flips and other moves, and the Cliff Jump, a high-dive platform with a giant airbag underneath. Meanwhile, for thrill-seekers, the park offers supercharged performance trampolines, with extra bounce for aerial skills development, and a trampoline/wall court for next-level flips and jumps. The venue also includes the X-Park adventure challenge course, an obstacle course for ninja warriors and parkour fans (trainers required). 

So, if you and yours love to burn off energy, prepare to jump, spring and leap to your heart's content at Bounce.

Location: Tawar Mall, Al Markhiya Street, Al Duhail South, Doha

Location Map: BOUNCE Doha

Nearest Metro: N/A

Hours: Sunday to Wednesday, 2 pm - 11 pm

Thursday, 2 pm - 12 am

Friday, 10 am - 12 am

Saturday, 10 am - 11 pm

Costs: QAR 100 general admission for one hour (excluding the X-Park)

QAR 90 junior jumpers under 110 cm tall for 1 hour (all kid’s areas)

QAR 120 premium admission (including X-Park)

Fees include the cost of a pair of reusable grip socks. 

Contact: +974 4408 6500


Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @bouncemideast

Trampoline Fitness

Image: Bounce Inc.

While you may be comfortable doing your own thing and free jumping your way to fitness, we recommend taking a trampoline aerobics fitness class with guided instruction for targeted results. 

Bounce also offers high-intensity, low-impact cardio-style structured exercise classes. The classes are approximately one hour long and provide an all-over body workout alongside energising tracks to help you get into your bouncing groove. Trampolining experience isn't necessary to join in the fun, as trained instructors are on hand to help you upskill.

Classes are generally in the evenings during the week and in the mornings on the weekend, but the most up-to-date schedules can be found on their website. Bookings are taken online, and advanced booking is recommended as classes have limited capacity.

So, if you’re serious about fitness but want to try a sport that elevates your mind, body and soul (quite literally), put on your gym kit and head to Bounce!

If you are looking for opportunities to get the family moving, Qatar has numerous trampoline parks that will have them bouncing for joy. Not a fitness workout in sight, but you’re guaranteed they will burn off some energy without even noticing! Check out our Qatar’s Spring Loaded Playgrounds for Active Families article for more information.

Or if you want to conserve a little cash but still get fit, either solo or with the family, try some outdoor fitness as recommended in our Five Fabulous Free Fitness Parks in Doha article.

Main image: Trip Advisor

Published: July 07, 2023
Last updated: November 01, 2023
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