November 01, 2023

Padbol - A Fusion Sport For All

If you haven’t heard of Padbol, you could be missing out on one of the newest, most dynamic, exciting and fun sporting games developed this century! Let us give you an insight…

Padbol is a fusion sport - a blended family of games, including tennis, squash, football and volleyball. Think enclosed squash court, with a rectangular playing area, smaller than but similar to a tennis court, with a low-slung net; add in the rules of tennis, and you’ll be in the right ballpark. However, this is not a racket sport! You’ll need football and volleyball skills for this game since it’s played using the feet, head, chest and legs only…no hands and definitely no racket! The ball, a smaller version of a football, can be kicked, headed, kneed or chest-bumped over the net. Players can use the walls to add a dynamic advantage to their play.

The aim of Padbol, played in doubles, is for each pair to hit the ball over the net into their opponent's half, within the rectangular court margins, in a way that prevents their rivals from returning the ball. You win the point if your opponents can’t return the serve or volley. If you win enough points, you win a game, win enough games, and you win a set, win three sets to win the match - just like tennis.

The rectangular court margins have three main areas: the Service Area, the Reception Area and the Attack Area. At the beginning of each game, a player's serve must take place in the Service Area, as in tennis, and cross over the net into the opponent's opposite half (the Reception Area) and bounce once before being played (a serve is the only time the ball can be handled, underhand only.) Once received, the opposing team needs to put the ball into play with a minimum of two touches and a maximum of three - rather like volleyball. The Attack Area, a painted red zone on either side of the net, allows players to return the ball without playing to a partner or letting the ball bounce on the floor.

It sounds complicated, but the rules are simple, and anyone of any age can play. Indeed, the sport, which only began in Argentina in 2008 and became an official sport in 2010, has skyrocketed in popularity in the intervening years and is now played in over thirty countries worldwide. Plus, the governing body aims to take the sport to the Olympics.

So, where in Qatar can you join this sporting revolution? Try Qatar Padbol…

Padbol Qatar

Image: Goal Click

Qatar’s only Padbol courts, courtesy of Padbol Qatar, are located in Aspire Park - one of the nation’s oldest and largest green spaces. Adjacent to the park's running, jogging and cycling tracks, sports pitches and tennis courts, the club offers three outdoor floodlit courts rentable to the general public. However, numerous local and national competitions and tournaments, such as the Blue Door Padbol Cup, are also held at the venue. 

Padbol players of any skill level, including newbies, can hire courts at Aspire. Four players are required to play Padbol, but you can still get a game even if you are less than four or a solo player. Groups of four can hire a court directly via Padbol Qatar’s website or their mobile app. Those requiring partners or additional team members can opt for Open Matches - also through the website or app. Players can create an Open Match on a specific day and time, specifying the skill level (one to seven), number and type of players (all male, all female or mixed) required, and wait for additional players to sign up to make a full team. Or, rather than create, players can search for Open Matches and join if they meet the specified requirement.

The venue, opened recently in 2022, offers seating for spectators and, inside the club’s shop, Padbol sports clothing and accessories and refreshments. Though, if you are feeling peckish after your exertions, the club, open practically 24 hours, is next door to the Downtown Night Market, which hosts an array of food and drink stalls.

For more information or to book a court, check out the club’s website or download the Padbol Qatar app via the Apple Store or Google Play.

Location: Al Heraithi Street, Aspire Park, Al Waab, Doha

Location Map: Padbol Qatar

Nearest Metro: Al Aziziyah Metro Station on the Gold Line. 

Opening Hours: Sunday to Saturday, 10 am - 4 am

Costs: 60 mins of court time @ QAR 260 ($70)

90 mins of court time @ QAR 320 ($88)

120 mins of court time @ QAR 400 ($110)

Contact: +974 6666 8769

Email: [email protected]


Instagram: @padbolqatar

Facebook: @padbolqatar

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Published: June 03, 2023
Last updated: November 01, 2023
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