July 06, 2023

Best Restaurants to Visit Near Al Bayt Stadium

The FIFA World Cup Qatar ended in December 2022, but the world's greatest football tournament legacy will live on for decades. The footprint from the 2022 competition can be seen in the country's infrastructure, transport network, sights and attractions, sports offerings, etc., but one of the most visible legacies is the World Cup stadiums. 

Eight stadiums delighted football fans from all over the world during the World Cup, not only for the football matches played but also for the remarkable architecture of each venue and its state-of-the-art facilities. Seven of the tournament's eight* arenas will remain iconic landmarks on Qatar's landscape, drawing people worldwide to admire them. The eighth, 974 Stadium (the world's first demountable stadium) will be dismantled, and its parts used to support sporting infrastructure elsewhere. However, all stadium sites will be repurposed for the future, first and foremost as tourist attractions but equally as modern hubs for sports, leisure, entertainment and relaxation. Each repurposed stadium and precinct will entice the local community, as well as visitors from far and wide. 

Supporting the redeveloped sites as community hubs and some of the nation's most important tourist spots, you will find a myriad of cafes, restaurants and other eateries waiting to help keep hunger at bay. So, for whatever reason, if you visit the 2022 tournament stadiums, rest assured you will find some great places to eat nearby! Here are our top three recommendations:

Al Bayt Stadium

Al Bayt Stadium, located in the northern city of Al Khor, was designed to resemble an enormous tent, an ode to Qatar's nomadic heritage. Historically, Bedouin tribes, who wandered the vast Arabian plains in search of pasture for their herd animals, lived in tents weaved from animal hair, known locally as a 'bayt' (translated as 'home') to protect themselves from desert elements - hence the design of the Al Bayt Stadium. The stadium is one of Qatar's most unique arenas and is worth visiting.

Following on from the World Cup, the upper tier of the Al Bayt Stadium will be removed, reducing the stadium's capacity to 32,000 seats. The remaining arena will be converted into a modern, vibrant recreational venue, hosting a five-star hotel, a shopping centre, a gym and a multipurpose hall. Visitors can already enjoy Al Bayt Stadium Park, which surrounds the arena. The park boasts vast green spaces, a man-made lake for boating and other aesthetic water features, kids' play areas, exercise stations, running and biking tracks, sports courts and pitches for football, tennis, volleyball and basketball, horse and camel stables and paddocks.

Bedouins were, and still are, famous for their exceptional hospitality. Traditionally no guests, be they strangers, friends or enemies, were turned away from a Bedouins tent. Instead, they were fed, watered and given a place to rest for up to three days. Today, you can try modern hospitality with a host of eateries a stone's throw from the stadium's doors. So, if you're feeling peckish while in the vicinity, you're guaranteed to find something to tickle your tastebuds.

Lamazani Grill

Image: Bozhena Melnyk /Shutterstock.com

Founded in 1992 by a Persian resident of Qatar, the restaurant chain is well known for its fresh, healthy grills and kebabs, Persian flavours and reasonable prices. The restaurant's kebabs are best eaten hot from the tray with a squeeze of lemon and paired with jarjeer (rocket) leaves and piping hot bread! Kebabs, koftas and grilled lamb chops are favourites among locals. Besides the grills, they also have a selection of appetisers and salads, including lentil soup and hummus.

The food stop is located within Al Bayt Stadium Park, making it an easy pit stop while visiting the attraction and its beautiful green lawns.

Location: Al Bayt Stadium Park, Al Khor

Hours: Saturday - Thursday: 11 am - 1 am; Friday: 12:30 pm - 1 am

Contact: +974 5010 0910

Website: https://lamazani.com/

Instagram: @lamazani


Image: McDonald’s Qatar

If you're looking for something quick, easy and familiar to eat, look no further than the McDonald's inside Al Bayt Stadium Park. This well-known eatery, known for its array of burgers and fries, is well worth a visit just for its unique architecture. Taking inspiration from Al Bayt Stadium, this restaurant looks like a smaller version of the arena it sits adjacent to, making it one of the iconic branches in Qatar. Plus, the restaurant also offers plenty of seating, indoors and outdoors, with exceptional views of the stadium and the surrounding park, an indoor play area for kids, digital ordering platforms, and a digital drive-through - Qatar's first. The branch also has McCafe- the McDonald's coffee brand for those looking to have a coffee and a sweet bite. 

Since this branch of McDonald's is right beside the stadium, you can easily grab a meal before or after visiting.

Location: Al Bayt Stadium Park, Al Khor

Hours: Open 24 hours

Instagram: @mcdonaldsqatar

Al Mandarin

Image: almandarin.com

Al Mandarin is another homegrown brand located in Al Bayt Stadium Park. Originally conceived in Doha in 1998, this eatery has grown in popularity, with nine outlets nationwide. Though predominantly a fresh fruit juice and smoothie bar, Al Mandarin also offers a host of wholesome foods at its various branches. It is a great place to stop by before or after a visit if you want a light meal or want to grab a quick drink with friends and family. We highly recommend trying the signature Mandarin cocktail - a refreshing drink made of fresh fruit slices, cream, nuts, ice cream, and honey or the Feisal cocktail - a delicious medley of mango, coconut, and avocado with milk. In terms of food, try the mouthwatering Tawook Meal - grilled chicken, or the delightful Riyash Plate - grilled lamb chops. If none of those appeals, there are plenty of other options - salads, sandwiches, and mixed grills, to name a few.

Al Mandarin is just a few minutes from the Al Bayt Stadium door and an excellent stop for trying some local favourites.

Location: Al Bayt Stadium Park, Al Khor

Hours: Saturday - Friday: 1 pm - 10 pm

Contact: +974 3004 0342

Website: https://mandarinqatar.com

Instagram: @almandarinqa

If you are taking the time to visit each of the 2022 World Cup stadiums (which we heartily recommend), keep hunger at bay while you sightsee by checking out the following recommendations for some top eateries in the vicinity of each venue:

Main image: Firas Abousido /shutterstock.com

Published: November 16, 2022
Last updated: July 06, 2023
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