Al Bidda Park

Al Bidda Park is located at the historical heart of Doha and was first documented in 1681. Al Bidda area existed before Doha developed and included a rectangular fort, houses, and industry associated with trading and pearl diving. Much of the local housing for the pearl divers was located in the Al Rumailah area which now sits at the heart of Al Bidda Park. Al Bidda Park is comprised of three separate park areas. These are Al Bidda, Arumailah and Wadi Al Sail.

The total size of Al Bidda Park is almost 1,745,000 square meters. The park contains 1,766 trees. There are 11 restrooms for public use. There are over 514,000 square meters of lawns in Al Bidda Park. The park contains a total of 8 playgrounds. There are 6 outdoor equipped exercise areas running alongside a rubberized fitness trail. There are 6 car parks with a total of 4,428 public car parking spaces. Whether you are into running, playing, watching movies, yoga, or sampling good food and drinks, an event in Al Bidda Park will be for you.


Al Bidda