City Center Doha Mall

City Center Doha, a place with something for everyone. the leading shopping and leisure destination in Qatar offers you unlimited choices.

Bring Out the Best in You!

Take a stroll through the various fashionable displays, surround yourself with the latest trends to match your mood, fashion, and lifestyle and choose from the numerous brand names under our roof. From fashion retail, home goods, high-end jewelry, and sportswear, to daily necessities, regardless of the occasion, we are here to cater to you.

Indulge in Diverse Flavors

Savor an array of choices and flavors from all over the world. Our food court is designed in a way to cater to all ages, from the sweet cravers to the taste buds that seek the crème de la crème of flavors.
Make dining part of your shopping journey.

Services & More

We offer diverse services that bring you ease and convenience, thus turning your experience at City Center into an enjoyable and stress- free journey. Benefit from ATMs around the mall, DHL services, customized tailoring services to baby carts, baby care rooms, car wash amenities and much more.
We always have more for you!

Entertainment in Every Choice

Escape to a world where fiction, fantasy, Sci-Fi, drama, romance and much more come to life, where there’s entertainment for the whole family. We give you the best seat in the house and our savory kiosks provide the freshest snacks to make every movie one to remember.
Take a turn, take a seat & enjoy!

Other Events at this Venue

24 October, 2022 20 December, 2022

City Center Doha Mall

World Cup mascots exhibition at City Center Doha

With the World Cup on the horizon, visit an exhibition featuring every FIFA World Cup mascot. The exhibits have been supplied by Qatari collector Mohammed Abdullateef.


West Bay, Doha