Heenat Salma Farm


Heenat Salma is an Eco-Farm and Camp, located in Shahaniya, north-west of Doha. We are a multidisciplinary project dedicated to holistic methods in agriculture, architecture, and community development.

We have successfully transformed a local conventional farm into an organic permaculture center that grows desert-friendly plants and vegetables, diversifies local food production, and contributes to a renewable, home-grown food supply in Qatar and beyond. We are aware of the fact that as a single company our impact is limited, but as a community we can drive change that powers meaningful action beyond our walls. Alongside agriculture, the farm is a place for hospitality, vocational training, education, craftsmanship, master classes, and a wellness spa – each field supporting and enhancing one another.


It began in 2019, when the Caravane Earth Foundation brought together a group of dedicated experts in agronomy, architecture, and water infrastructure to develop a holistic farm model and ten year strategy aimed at converting a conventional farm into a centre for regenerative agriculture.

As the programme progressed, we realised there was an opportunity to not only support and innovative positive agricultural techniques, but to form a community based around hospitality and education. When you are hosted by Heenat Salma, you will experience a holistic environment catered specifically to bringing you closer to your surroundings, to expose you to natural beauty, and to engage your interest in wellness and educational activities.


Grounded in a dedication to agriculture, climate, and well-being, Heenat Salma is deeply concerned about the ongoing deterioration of all three.

The activities of the farm are our way of taking the helm, of steering initiatives towards a positive impact on humans globally and locally. Through tangible approaches, the farm functions as a prototype, as we examine and test new ways of enacting change. Heenat Salma is tackling pressing issues, such as the impact of the climate crisis on immigration influx, through a quest for sustainable solutions that lead to fair wages, increased interconnectivity, and new forms of knowledge exchange.

Events at this Venue

28 October, 2022

Heenat Salma Farm

Face Yoga - Evolve Mind Body Soul

Join Heenat Salma this 28th October for the Face Yoga Method Masterclass. This masterclass will take you through a step-by-step program which shows natural ways of working out your face muscles to create a firmer, more sculpted face line can help slow down signs of aging.


Farm 280, P.O.Box 90205, Um El Qahab, Shahaniya, Doha, Qatar