Katara Opera House

The Katara Opera House, Building 16, easily recognizable as the tallest building in Katara, is just north of the blue, Turkish mosque and two conical birdhouses.

Most concerts of the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra are given in the Opera House, Building 16 of the Katara Cultural Village in the West Bay. While the round of balconies may remind you of La Scala or other Italian opera houses, the furnishings and ornamentation draw on Arabic sources in general and Qatari features in particular.

The Katara Opera House has rapidly transformed itself to become a preferred hub for some of the world’s leading artists and musicians. Its uniquely sophisticated architectural model blends modern architecture and traditional Islamic design and boasts a seating capacity of 550 guests. The Opera House has areas to host guests in the royal terrace, and halls for executive and VIP individuals in attendance.


Katara Cultural Village