Katara Cultural Village

Katara Cultural Village is a grandiose and flamboyant site of art, knowledge, virtuosity, ingenuity and a variety of diverse cultural activities. Katara is committed to contribute for the promotion of the cultural vigor creativity by managing dynamically its premises and amenities. It is manifestly the forum of artists and the center for all cultural events, festivals, exhibitions, symposiums, concerts, and all kind of artistic demonstrations. We are determined to realize the project of making Katara a perfect environment and ideal atmosphere to carry out a variety of intellectual and artistic entertainments.

It is also home to Katara Beach. It is one of the most beautiful natural beaches of Qatar, Katara’s private beach spans over 1.5km. Beach goers have a choice between enjoying a relaxed beach experience and diving into the fun with a great variety of adrenaline-boosting beach activities.

Events at this Venue

20 November, 2022 18 December, 2022

Katara Cultural Village

Katara International Dhow Festival

Katara International Dhow Festival is an annual cultural festival inspired by Qatar's rich maritime heritage. the festival hosts exciting artistic and musical activities, marine shows and competition that shed light on the ancient maritime history aimed at restoring culture and preserving folk heritage.

27 September, 2022 11 October, 2022

Katara Cultural Village

Doha Trade Fair 2022

Doha Trade Fair 2022 brings you an exhibition from which you can shop household items like decor, accessories, home items, and much more...

12 October, 2022 28 January, 2023

Katara Cultural Village

Labour of Love: Embroidering Palestinian History

Labour of Love will take visitors on a journey of how Palestinian folk fashion serves as a catalyst for examining Palestinian social history, specifically through the art of tatreez embroidery.