Mina District - Old Doha Port

The development work of the Old Doha Port project includes the construction of the Mina neighborhood, which will provide visitors with varied services. At a glance, the Mina district is dotted with 37 mixed-use buildings which will house retail outlets, restaurants, internal roads, apartments, car parks, food and beverage, coffee shops, cinema, boutique hotels, leisure and edutainment, and a kid's area.

The district is seen to have buildings in bright and distinctive colors, surrounded by lush green gardens. There is also a replacement of the asphalt layer in the street leading to the marina with granite to match the general character of the port and to enhance traffic safety for pedestrians and visitors to the new tourist attraction.

Mina district also aims to be a tourist marina contributing to attracting local tourists and those coming from neighboring countries via cruise ships, as it aims to establish a pioneering infrastructure in the cruise ship sector and contribute to the expected growth in the number of cruises during the coming period, especially with the approach of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™. It is expected that the old Doha port, whose development cost 2 billion riyals, will soon turn into a permanent port to receive cruise ships, and become a tourist attraction in the heart of the capital.

Events at this Venue

19 January, 2023 28 January, 2023

Mina District - Old Doha Port

Qatar Balloon Festival 2023 - Old Doha Port

The third edition of the Qatar Balloon Festival returns this year with more than 50 hot air balloons from around the world. The 10-day event will take place from January 19 – January 28 at the Old Doha Port.