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03 November, 2022 05 October, 2022

Darb Lusail Festival Performances

In partnership with Qatari Diar, Qatar Airways, and Qatar Tourism, the official inauguration of Darb Lusail Festival will be in Lusail Boulevard. The three-day festivities will represent the Middle East, Southern Asia and North Africa with talents, drone light shows, and artistic performances.

20 November, 2022 18 December, 2022

Katara International Dhow Festival

Katara International Dhow Festival is an annual cultural festival inspired by Qatar's rich maritime heritage. the festival hosts exciting artistic and musical activities, marine shows and competition that shed light on the ancient maritime history aimed at restoring culture and preserving folk heritage.

16 September, 2022 21 January, 2023

One Tiger or Another

Featuring a cannon, a contemporary video installation, 18-century paintings and contemporary comic books, this exhibition, curated by Tom Eccles and Mark Rappolt explores history as the product of both fact and fiction.

16 September, 2022 16 September, 2022

Peter & The Wolf

The great Russian composer, Sergei Prokofiev composed many of his most popular works, including Peter and the Wolf in 1936. Prokofiev subtitled this piece “An Orchestral Fairy Tale for Children,” but he should have added “and for adults, too,” as this remarkable composition is appealing to people of all ages. The story of Peter and the Wolf is told by a narrator, with the orchestra musically illustrating the events that unfold for the audience.

16 September, 2022 25 February, 2023

Majaz: Contemporary Art Qatar

Artist in Residence will celebrate young local and regional talent in Majaz: Contemporary Art Qatar, on exhibition from September 21, 2022 through February 25, 2023. The Artist in Residence Alumni Exhibition will celebrate five years of the Artist in Residence programme at the Fire Station and the flourishing art scene in Qatar.